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Available Decorations - Furniture Pieces


We have 2 of these tables - 21" tall and 14.5" x 12"


Our Hall Tree is perfect for pictures or a sign-in book.


Our Baker's Rack is perfect for pictures, cupcakes, a drink station, you name it!


Our antique A frame ladder is perfect for pictures, cupcakes, drink glasses, or any decorations you want to add.


Our 1920's wagon is perfect for food, cakes, gifts, etc.

IMG_2204 (1).JPG

Our barrel stations are perfect for food and drinks!


Our small wheel barrow is perfect for gifts or water bottles.


We have 2 antique benches perfect for parents of the couple or for those that have passed and can't be with us.


14 farmhouse tables that are perfect as is or with a table runner like this one.


We have 2 rustic tables - they are 21" tall and 21.5" x 18"


We have lots of crates - perfect accent pieces!

One is 26" tall and 18" x 16"

One that isn't painted is 20" tall and 20" x 20"

Another is 25" tall and 20" x 19"

Another is 18" tall and 12" x 25"

One that has red and white planks is 18" tall and 16" x 35"

Another is 26" tall and 24" x 19"

A plain one is 27" tall and 24" x 25"

One that has black, white and dark green is 15" tall and 18" x 25"

A plain one is 26" tall by 49" x 24" almost like a bench it's so long

One that has black and white is 14" tall and 25.5" x 24"

A plain one is 18" tall and 24" x 25"

One with some white boards is 14" tall and 25" x 20"


Our Sweetheart table is gorgeous as is or dressed up.


Our buffet is perfect as a cake table, picture table, etc.


Our black table is perfect for a sign-in, pictures, cake, etc.  Here's one of our crates as an accent piece.

IMG_7617 (1).JPG

Our antique doors are perfect as a photo backdrop or accent behind your cake.  We have 10 bistro tables - one is perfect for your plates and forks.

IMG_7622 (1).JPG

This table is perfect for treats, pictures, or other decorations that fit your vision. 

IMG_8274 (1).JPG

An antique table perfect for ceremony or sign-in!

IMG_7700 (4).JPG

We have 2 Amish ladders (one hangs above our wagon now) and 2 columns

IMG_3262 (1).JPG

Our 2nd 1920's wagon - perfect for social hour or gifts.

IMG_3211 (2).JPG

Our cedar cross is portable and we have white and purple drapes.


Our antique TV stand is perfect as a sign-in station or cake table or something else.

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