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Ceremony Sites

The Wedding Barn at L'Horne wants you to make your ceremony uniquely yours so we provide lots of options or you can chose a brand new site for your ceremony.


The Pole Barn is our most popular ceremony site.   You can face in any of the 4 directions depending on which backdrop you prefer.  This one faces the woods.

This is our most popular ceremony site - in the Pole Barn facing our rolling hills.


You might like having the barn and cafe lights as your back drop from the Pole Barn.

The walkway in front of the barn is a popular ceremony site and you can either have the barn as your backdrop or the pecan trees.  These pews really fit the rustic feel!


The walkway with the pecan trees as your backdrop is very popular.  You come out the door with our pretty drapes and down the aisle to your partner.

This site has been used twice - the brides fell in love with this old pecan tree and used it as their backdrop.  One bride brought an octagon arch to frame it.


You can also have your ceremony in the barn winglett area.

This bride picked the main area of the barn for her ceremony.


This is our Single Arch ceremony site.  It features the same view of our rolling hills under the open sky.

Our Double Arch ceremony site is nestled between 2 of our 100 year old pecan trees so your guests have some shade and faces one of our gorgeous old trees in a slight valley.


Our Valley Ceremony site is under one of our old pecan trees and gives you a feeling of being cradled.

In front of the Pole Barn is a relatively new ceremony site and is gorgeous!


Our newest site was just used - it features the barn, porch, and this old pecan tree with its photo props as your backdrop.  

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