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Comments From our Clients

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Kelly said, "I absolutely recommend The Wedding Barn at L'Horne to anyone planning a wedding or really any event at all!  The Ottingers are amazing!  They put so much work into making their venue perfect but they don't stop there.  They truly work hard to make sure your event is perfect too.  I felt like I had a mini wedding planner helping me along with timelines and to-do list reminders. I don't think I could have done this without them."

Clara wrote,

"The Ottingers are very helpful and friendly!  They will work with you through any unforeseen circumstances - even global pandemics!  You will have all the help, support, and even decorations or materials you may need at the ready.  I would definitely recommend this venue."


 Mallory wrote,

"My favorite part about having my wedding at The Wedding Barn at L'Horne had to be the assistance we received from them.  The venue was absolutely gorgeous as well!  They were so  helpful with anything that me or my family needed, and they were always around just in case we needed them and made sure I had an unforgettable wedding.  Amazing people and an extraordinary venue!  You will not regret booking this incredibly gorgeous venue for your next event or wedding!"

Jillian wrote,

"The large open venue was amazing!  Loved how we had the option for the pole barn just in case of rain.  Lights in the barn are beautiful.  Book this place!"


Paola wrote,

"My favorite part is the kindness of Mrs Anna and her family.  They are the sweetest and they will help you with anything you need.  I highly recommend having your special day at The Wedding Barn at L'Horne.  They make you feel like you are at home!  They make sure everything is exactly how you dream of it!  The Barn is absolutely beautiful!!!!"


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