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  • Anna Ottinger

Thanks for a great year!

WOW, I can't believe 2019 is coming to an end. It was a great year with lots of improvements and wonderful events for great people! I did several posts on FB and IG showing our improvement projects for the year. Even though we are fairly new, (we will be 3 in March) we are constantly working to make our venue the best it can be. We poured a lot of love and time into several projects this year and we are happy that everyone has been appreciative.

We were blessed to host weddings, celebrations of life, and several parties. We enjoyed our corporate events this month. It was fun and hopefully will lead to repeat clients. We host all types of events and enjoy meeting everyone and sharing this gorgeous property with them. We prefer to do one event per weekend so we can be devoted to our clients and make sure it's the best event it can be.

We are blessed to be able to take off during the hot GA summer - Jeremy handles the business while Mr Jim and I travel. Travelling north to get out of the heat allows us to see this gorgeous country we live in and also allows us to recharge ourselves too. We meet great people all over which is amazing too!

We hope you had a great year! I'd love to hear what your plans are for next year. We have a couple small projects planned but most of the big ones are complete now. Come see us!

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