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  • Guest Blogger: Michelle Behel

Planner vs Coordinator

I asked The Perfect Pair to do a guest blog for us on the difference between a Wedding Planner and a Wedding Coordinator. Since we are still fairly new in this business I wasn't sure and wanted clarification I could pass on to our clients so here goes - from Michelle Behel:

"What's the difference between a Wedding Planner and a Wedding Coordinator?" How exciting?? You're engaged and ready to start the planning process!! But wait...there are far too many details and you are overwhelmed by the end of the first week! You realize you don't have the time to commit to planning your dream day like you thought, it's just too much...and that's where a Wedding Planner takes over. A Wedding Planner is going to help you plan and design a vision for your perfect day. They will help you budget, find and book the right vendors, go to tasting with you...they pretty much become your new best friend. Of course, they will also run rehearsal and your wedding day. You will spend a lot hours with a Wedding Planner, so you can expect it to get pretty pricey! Average Hours: 80-250 Average Price: $3,000-$10,000 How exciting?? You're engaged and ready to start the planning process!! You've picked you're venue, booked your photographer, and found your DJ. Your favorite restaurant will caterer and your aunt is a florist so she will do all of the flowers. You're feeling pretty good about this planning a wedding thing! But wait..."How should my wedding party line up? Where will I be walking in from at the ceremony? How will dad escort Granny and me down the aisle? When will I cut the cake? I think I've overlooked a lot of small details...I need help organizing everything"... and that's where a Wedding Coordinator takes over. A Wedding Coordinator is going to take all the planning you've done, bring it to life, and make sure your wedding day goes as smooth as possible! You won't spend as many hours with a Wedding Coordinator, so it's a little cheaper. Average Hours: 15-30 Average Price: $600-$2,000 We feel like we are Wedding Planners to a certain extent, but at a Coordinator's price...and you get two of us! The Perfect Pair Wedding Coordinators

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