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Sparkler Send-offs

You are dreaming about your big day and you decide you want the send-off to really stand out as magical. You decide on sparklers! What a great idea! Now you need to find a venue that allows them - well we DO! We have had some amazing sparkler send-offs and here are some pictures to prove it!

Sparkler Send-off at our very first wedding

Photo by Jay Bentley Photography

Photo by We Do Photography

Sparkler sendoff by We Do Photography

Photo by Ann Steward Photography

sparkler send-off by Ann Steward Photography

As we've grown and added more features we still focus on making your event your dream come true! We do our best to accommodate your wish list! We've had bubble send-offs, lavender toss send-offs, glow stick send-offs, but by far the most popular is the sparkler send-off. You picked a good one!

I love this picture by Goodman Photography!! It shows our new chandelier and our new walkway.

Sparkler send-off by Goodman Photography

Can you see your wedding ending with a sparkler send-off here - then come see us! We'd love to host your special day!

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