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Hi everyone!

It's been a while since I've posted - shame on me. :( My goal is to come up with a schedule and be consistent - but no promises since it's crazy busy around here.

Since implementing our first CRM package, it's been a BIG learning curve for me but I'm loving it! The ability to automate some of my work and have a program keep me on track is amazing!!! Thank you TuesdayTogether group for sharing this great info!!!

Now, I'm turning my attention to all things social - Instagram, Pinterest, Hoot Suite, Facebook, etc. Another learning curve, but it keeps my brain active to learn new things - right?!

Which is your favorite platform and why? I need some insight into the social media monster. I like that Instagram feeds FB and Twitter - which I don't understand and haven't tried.... :( Since Instagram does that it saves me some steps. I watched a couple great webinars and read a bunch on info so I'm tackling Instagram and then Pinterest. I've got them up and running but I need to learn to make them work for us and fine tune them. I'd love to hear your success stories and any encouragement you are willing to share!!! Also, take a minute and check out what I have so far - I'd love to hear your opinions!! Instagram Pinterest Send me some info!

Have a great day!!! Go out and make some great memories (or inside is good)!! :)

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