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A new system is here

I hope each of you is enjoying this beautiful day here in middle Georgia! The weather is perfect for our busy wedding season! I hope you take some time today to enjoy yourself and make a good memory! :)

I wanted to tell you how excited I am that we have started using a new system here at The Wedding Barn at L'Horne. It will help automate some of my processes and free up my time so that I can better serve our clients - YAY!!!! Our current clients are on-board and so far everyone is loving it! They can access it from our web page tab - "Client Portal".

I'd love to hear from you if you have some ideas for process improvements! If you have a program that automates your workflow or juggles your busy calendar! I'm so new to all this that when I learned about this system - I was amazed and hooked! So now I'm looking for other improvements I can make. I hope you will share your favorites with me! :)

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