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Wedding Season is under way...

We've had our first 2 weddings of the year and both were amazing! I've posted some pictures I took and can't wait

I've also got some news - I've started using a software package to help manage inquiries all the way through the event and beyond. So far it is pretty amazing and some of my brides and new contacts have eagerly tested it out for me, providing some great feedback. Feel free to join the fun - I want to make sure it's easy to use and an efficient way to manage the whole process. Just sign in through the Contact Us page and watch it unfold. There might be a few hiccups as I learn and polish the process,

but so far it's pretty amazing! I look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions!

We are blessed to be pretty much booked up this year and starting into next year. So if you have a date in mind, come see us and get it booked before it's gone!

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