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Make-A-Wish Horse Ride Event

We were honored to be chosen to host the Make-A-Wish Horse Rice for Kids on Sep 9, but Hurricane Irma had other plans.... A lot of the children were scheduled to come from Savannah and they were told to evacuate instead. We have planned a make-up day on Oct 28 and hope all the children can make it!

Ross Goodman of Goodman Photography came out with his kids and took beautiful pictures! Check out our FB page and I'll be loading them up here too. His kids had a great time! Allison Goodman of Boutwell Productions came out and took video of the event and her daughter came out and got to ride the horses too. Allison even rode some! We had a tour of the barn and they got to ride. It was a beautiful, fun day. We just wish the Make-A-Wish children had been able to attend - we are hoping for a great turn-out on Oct 28. I hear the horses might have costumes!

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