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From My Heart

I'm not the most eloquent person and sometimes I struggle with expressing myself properly, but I wanted to share with you from my heart. I had 3 tours today with some wonderful people! Thank you to everyone who comes out to see our venue! It means the world to me when you come out and discover how nice it is! That's one of the best parts of this new endeavor - meeting great people and hopefully being able to help make their special day wonderful! My heart melts when a visitor says they can "feel it" when they walk in, that "this is the place", or "I don't need to see any other places". What a blessing that is!

Jim and I just got back from a 7 night Royal Caribbean cruise that was wonderful! Having worked almost every day for the last 10 months getting the barn built and up and running we definitely needed a break. Jeremy did wonderful handling everything while we were gone. He gave tours and booked events like he was born to do it! Thank you, Jeremy!

Thank you to everyone who helped us get the barn up and running and those that had faith and allowed us to host their events! We hope the rest of you will come see us and let us help make your day special!

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