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Guest Blog - Just In Case



Broken zippers, ordinate shoes becoming less ordinate, brides feeling faint, unruly groomsmen, items forgotten, the list goes on and on... At a wedding anything can happen. So, what do you do when something happens? As a bride you most likely won’t plan for an unforeseen event or an overlooked detail. Odds are you have had your plate full with pulling together the first plan but, who has the back up.

As wedding photographers we are hired to photograph and capture the day in the style and way that we were hired for. We are expected to be there, be ready and have backups in place on my end to insure the shot is captured as it happens. There is only one chance to capture a wedding. There is only one time-line and often no time to go back and get the shot later. So what is my role as a photographer in a wardrobe malfunction, overlooked detail or even a failure, whether technical or just negligent, from another vendor? I guess I could idly stand by and try to empathize or consult the bride. I guess when there is a rowdy bunch of groomsmen, who don't feel or like taking photos, I could chalk it up to just that and deliver what I captured. I guess there didn't need to be cake cutting utensils or a garter because it they were forgotten or left at the church, which is not closed...


I can step out of my role and fix the situation. I can come prepared with a "Just in Case" AKA emergency kit in hand to sew a bride or bridesmaid into their dress, glue or use double stick tape on that ordinate piece that fell off a shoe, supply a lighter, garter or cake cutting set that was forgotten, give a faint bride some crackers and Gatorade and even supply some shots of fireball to groomsmen as a reward for cooperation.

So if you attend a wedding and see a yellow polka-dotted case, odds are you will see Goodman Photography. If issues arises our brides know they are welcome to that box and odds are they will find what they need. We don't just do this because no one else has thought to and it matters to the bride and the family. Being prepared can correct most any problem and keep to the timeline and deliver the best images of happy and worry-free clients.

"I was so grateful for the crackers and Gatorade his wife fed me so I didn't pass out, and my husband was so thankful Ross's wife had a sewing kit and helped see his button back on. They just went beyond their call of duty and we are grateful. Our pictures are absolutely stunning, and I'm forever grateful!"

"They had great ideas for our pictures and were prepared for anything, from a ring that we forgot to clean before the event, to suggestions on how to run the reception so we were able to actually get a bite to eat, and just being a calm presence that reminded us to breathe and enjoy the moment”

"Ross and Jamie were amazing to work with! Jamie brought an emergency kit for the bridal party that was so very helpful!"

"...helped with groomsmen being difficult, and any other smaller things that they could (His wife even helped tie the sash on my dress since none of my bridesmaids or family could tie a decent bow)."


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