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Why Should You Choose L'Horne


by Deborah Fingerlow, Guest Blogger

It’s said we’re known by the company we keep. And it’s true. I am lucky enough to “keep company” with Anna Ottinger and her family. Imagine if you will, the open heart of a person who welcomes you into an important endeavor, her livelihood in fact, without ever having met me before. That’s Anna.

A writer by trade, but longing for a barn of my own, I’d done the research, I’d planned everything in my head, but as it turns out, my talent doesn’t lie in building, it lies with writing and making connections. We are birds of a feather in desire to provide service that is unparalleled. Period. When you meet Anna, it’s most likely she won’t tell you about hours spent holding boards up to be nailed in place, arms aching by the end of the day. She won’t tell you how everything didn’t go perfectly at first. And she won’t, because she and her family worked through challenges and the result is The Wedding Barn at L’Horne. The property is vast, more than 60 acres of an original farm which set down roots over 100 years ago. Walk through the pecan trees, imagine life long ago giving new beginnings even now.

The Ottinger family saw the potential and have worked to craft a venue that is a little bit different. The original vintage barn is beautiful: unvarnished and a reminder of a time gone by. Their new barn brings in a little of the old. Using aged boards from the first, the Ottingers tip their hats to history while providing an amenity-filled space with dressing rooms, modern restroom facilities and space for your caterers. It is literally the best of both worlds.

But what makes L’Horne different is the Ottinger family’s decision to offer the gift of choice. Wedding indoors, or out? Take your pick of more than 60 acres. Take your photographs alongside the old barn, under the pecan trees, in the middle of a peach orchard in bloom, alongside vintage fencing running long lines across the farm. Make it intimate. Gather around the outdoor fireplace in the evening. Cocktails on the deck. Barefoot on the porch. Bowls of freshly shelled pecans. A basket of juicy, golden-hued peaches. The choice is yours. And that’s exactly the way Anna wants it.

One final note. Anna’s enthusiasm is contagious. She is just as excited about this wedding as you are. She has been, every step of the way, from creating a beautiful and comfortable bridal suite, to the chandelier and sparkling lights in the barn. It truly is a labor of love. I’ve felt that all the way up the East Coast to Pennsylvania. You’re fortunate enough to experience it in person. Lucky you.

Our guest blogger is Deborah Fingerlow, and she really did appear out of nowhere, hoping to be a part of this grand adventure. She’s a freelance communicator based in Pennsylvania writing about people across the country. “I love making connections with people, learning new things and living local wherever I happen to be.” You can find her at local farmers’ markets, asking questions and pestering people to pet their dogs. A wedding officiant, she is also available to work with couples, helping to craft custom wedding vows. You can reach out to her on her blog at

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