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Common Questions

How many tables do you provide?  What size linens?

We have 12 of the 48" round tables which seat 4-6.  


For these 108" round tablecloths will blouse the floor, so the next smaller size might just touch the floor and do the trick if you want them just touching the floor.


When working on your floor plan, if you use all 12 round and all 14 farmhouse plan on having 5 at each round table to equal the 200 that we provide chairs for.


We have 10 of the bistro/high boy tables.   These are 32" diameter and 44" tall.


For these you can use 130" which allows you to tie them with ribbon or burlap and blouse them above and below for that hour glass shape.


We have a new table that can be used for gifts or a memorial table, it is 80 1/2" long by 18" wide and 34" tall.


The sweetheart table, buffet, cake table, gift/memorial table and other pieces are included.

We don't provide linens since you can purchase them online for about $5 each and pick the color of your choice.

Is there a deposit and how are payments handled?

Yes.  We require a $1000 retainer which is nonrefundable since we will remove that date from our availability and reserve it for your special day. 


You can make payments or pay the remaining balance 90 days prior to your event - whichever is easier for you. 


We collect a security deposit in case of damage or cleaning needed - it is due at the 90 day mark.  As long as there is no damage, it rolls over to cover cleanup so that you just take your personal items and head home after celebrating.

Do you allow dogs to participate?

Yes, we have actually already had several ceremonies with a dog included.  It was so sweet! 


Our pets are often a big part of our family, so we don't want to exclude them. 


They do need to remain on a leash and have someone responsible for them at all times. 


We do ask that you clean up after them - we wouldn't want someone messing up their shoes or dress.  ;)

Are candles allowed?

Yes, as long as they are in a glass container that has a bottom. 


We prefer LED candles or floating candles in water, if possible, to prevent wax from getting on our tables and floor - it's tough to get up. 

How many chairs do you provide? 

We have 200 indoor beautiful wooden cross back chairs.  If you have more than 200 guests attending you can rent extra tables and chairs for up to 315 which is our max based on our Certificate of Occupancy.


For your outdoor chairs or extra indoor tables and chairs, our preferred vendors are MH & Them Tents and More, LLC or you can pick your own vendor, or borrow from your church or business.    

MH & Them Tents and More, LLC offer additional items that you may want to rent for your special event.  Check out MH & Them's site for items and prices.

Our cross back chairs are gorgeous and we try to keep them in great shape so they aren't allowed outside or to stand in.

What if we have our ceremony at church does the price change?

We prefer to be completely devoted to our clients, so we only schedule one event per day, so our price stays the same whether you choose to have your ceremony, reception, rehearsal dinner or all of them here.  The venue is yours for the day.

Do I need to schedule a tour or can I just stop by?

We ask that you schedule a tour so that we can be ready and devoted to you. 


We live and work on the property and it is a working farm so sometimes we are out in the fields and/or in messy work clothes.   


We are very flexible and try to accommodate your schedule so please click here for info and/or to schedule a tour.

Do you allow sparkler sendoffs?

Yes, they need to be wedding sparklers which have less risk of causing a fire and we need to know ahead so we can run the sprinklers before the event to reduce the fire risk if the weather has been very dry.

How many guests are allowed?

Our Certificate of Occupancy states we can have 315 in the big barn.  We provide tables and indoor chairs for 200 since events larger than this are rare for us.  If your event will have more than 200 you would need to rent the extra tables and chairs needed. 

What happens if it rains?

We are blessed with several options.  We can still use the pole barn if it rains - if that is your preference.  I


f not, we can move your event into the big barn.  We have done both with great results.  With our areas all being only a few steps apart, it hasn't been a problem.

Do you allow smoking or vaping?

Yes, at our patio ONLY - not in the parking area or close to the barn. 


This is a barn with an increased risk for fires, so we have one designated area and ask our clients to honor that. 


Some people are very sensitive and we don't want smoke inside the barn area. 


We also ask you to place the butts in our butt can which has sand in it. 


We want to keep the grounds looking lovely.

What is included in your package?

The fairy lights, cafe lights, sound system, and drapes are included.

We have 8 open air ceremony locations, only a few steps from the grand barn, or you can choose a new one.


We have the grand barn to use for your ceremony, reception, rehearsal dinner, etc.


The pole barn with its beautiful cafe lights and sound system is included.  It is 52 ft wide by 57ft long and can hold appx 300 guests comfortably.  This is perfect for a covered outdoor ceremony, rehearsal dinner, or dancing after the reception.  The choice is yours.


We have 63 beautiful acres for your engagement session and pictures on your wedding day.  We also hope you will come back for pictures as your family grows!   :)


We have 4 patio heaters for use in the cooler weather.  We have 3 oscillating fans, 2 huge ceiling fans and 3 exhaust fans to help circulate the breezes we have here.


We have numerous props scattered around the property that are wonderful in your pictures!     Old gates, our old door entryway, a rope swing in one of our oak trees, the hand-built bridge over our river rock stream, etc.  Mr Jim just added an antique truck that will be gorgeous in pictures.


Our 122 yr old white barn up front is a perfect backdrop for pictures!  We don't allow anyone inside.


We have a downed tree near the pole barn that provides a perfect perch for pictures and Mr Jim filled it with beautiful flowers.


For the guys, we have Direct TV sports package in their room so they can keep up with the score on that special day.  It can also feed through to our projection system so you can view the game during the reception - or play a slideshow that you create, or a monogram of your initials with your wedding date, the choices are yours.

We have 3 whiskey barrel stations for food and/or drinks.  We have 2 extra whiskey barrels outside for use as an entry to your ceremony or for arrangements at the altar.

We have a LOT of donated items perfect to decorate your reception.  Several brides have decorated with just our donated items saving them lots of money.

We have an 8 ft tall and 6 ft across cedar cross which is portable.

We have a cedar arch which is 6 feet tall and 7 feet wide to use for your ceremony and 2 wooden beam arches if you prefer their backdrop as your focus during the ceremony.


We have 2 antique wagons which are great in pictures.  One inside for your use and one outside for pictures or to collect your gifts.

We have 3 antique tractors that make great backdrops for your pictures - please don't climb, stand or sit on these.


We have a projector and BIG screen so that you can have a slide show going on with your engagement pictures, your initials and wedding date, or the football game if you prefer.

Mr. Jim just added an antique truck that is surrounded by flowers and great for pictures.

If you think of something I haven't covered, please click here and I'll be happy to answer your question! :)

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