Frankie J & Greg Dec 5, 2017
How it All Began

"Greg and I met through a mutual friend. At the time, my best friend's boyfriend and Greg were really good friends. I used to see this Chevy Impala driving around town and it caught my eye. I could never see the driver due to the dark tint. One day my best friend and I were out and we happened to run into her boyfriend and Greg. She said, "Frankie j, that's the driver of that car you like!" ( yes, he was super cute and I had a crush on him immediately....but this went no where for years!) We remained really good friends, but one day lost contact.  Three years passed by and the short version is, Greg realized he just couldn't live without me. So he called me up and the rest is history. Of course this is from my point of view....LOL   XoXo, Frankie j"

How did Greg pop the question?

"Babes (Greg) took me to dinner during my birthday month. My birthday had already passed, but since I celebrate the entire month, I just figured we were going out to dinner. Once we were at the restaurant, I noticed a few of our good friends were there and seriously thought it was a surprise birthday party. The joke was on me. He proposed to me in the restaurant, traditional one knee style. I knew the proposal was coming soon, but I DID NOT expect it to be that night. He proposed with a custom ring. Yes, it's beautiful dolls!"

Share something fun or special about your wedding planning phase.

"Frankie j: Fun or special? More like stressful! To date, that has been the most stressful time in my entire life. I will say there was a huge rainbow once we found The Wedding Barn. We both knew immediately, it was the place we'd be married. 

Babes: Once we found The Wedding Barn we knew this was our spot. We felt at peace, there was no longer a struggle."

Share something fun or memorable about your rehearsal and/or rehearsal dinner. 

"We opted out of a rehearsal/rehearsal dinner. After much thought, we decided to have a very intimate wedding with just our immediate family members."

If you wrote your own vows, please share how you came up with them and why?

"Frankie j: We did traditional vows, but also did our own. Of course I love the traditional vows, as they cover all the bases. No one knows your honey like you do. I feel like there is something special about sharing your thoughts and words from your heart during your wedding. Looking back now, I should have stuck with the traditional vows! LOL I was so incredibly nervous!

Babes: To me, my vows were simple. It came from the promise from God that He was going to send me my wife and everything I wanted in a wife. But He did much more, He sent me my queen. The loving, kind, beautiful woman that He sent me, made writing my vows easy."

Tell us about your wedding day.  What was your favorite part?  Would you do anything differently?  What would you share with people planning their day?  

"From Both Of Us: We'll answer the last questions first. For starters, you need to be rich! Once you have reached this status, hire a wedding planner! DO NOT think you are a power couple that can plan a wedding, work three jobs, manage two separate households, and meet the needs of daily living. It can be done; however, you will need a photographer with incredible editing skill to remove the bags from under your eyes.....we ain't talking about designer bags!

The best part of the Wedding day was actually getting married! Although there were a few hiccups, seeing the love of my life walking down the aisle made it all worth it.

Frankie j: I must say, Babes did look FIIINNNNNEEEE rocking that white tux!"

How was your experience at The Wedding Barn at L'Horne?  Is there anything you would change?  What was your favorite part of having your special day with us?

"I don't think  there are enough words to express what a perfect fit The Wedding Barn was for us. It is a beautiful venue and the owners are beautiful inside and out. I'd always wanted a night wedding with a romantic feel and The Wedding Barn gave me that and so much more! Mrs Anna was a pure gem! In all honestly we wouldn't change a thing. Personally, I just loved the lighting at night. It was incredibly beautiful. Just what I imagined."

Something else they wanted to share.

"The venue is quite large, but don't let that intimidate you if you are having a smaller wedding. Mrs. Anna can help you arrange everything so that it's the perfect fit."


Dress: David's Bridal

Tux:  Ingleside Bridal

Catering: Dana Williams

DJ/Band:  Billy Johnson

Florals:  Southern Blooms Company

Hair:  Marie Robinson

Videographer:  Franklin Howard

The Wedding Barn at L'Horne

1651 Moseley Rd.

Byron, GA 31008

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