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About The Wedding Barn at L'Horne


"My daughter's barn wedding was gorgeous. Soft yellow lighting all over. Strings of lights strung from the ceiling. Beautiful curtain lights hanging over doorway where they did the vows. Everything in one place. Tables and seating for the rehearsal dinner and reception. Bar and kitchen area. Dance space when chairs removed after ceremony. Plenty of room for everything. If you like rustic this is perfect. There is an outside area probably also used for dancing/vows when the weather is warmer. A little chilly for rehearsal but they have space heaters they set up and it was comfortable inside during the wedding with the heaters. Rooms for the bride and groom to get ready. Many beautiful memories made here and can't wait to see the pictures."

Donna - Mother of 2019 Bride 


I'm glad you are here!   Those of you that have come out and taken a tour, know most of this but for those that haven't visited yet, let me share some of our history with you.  

In 2015, we were starting to think about Mr. Jim's retirement and travelling to see this big beautiful nation in our Montana fifth wheel.  Jeremy had a great idea to go in together on a property so that we could run a business together and he would only have one property to take care of while we traveled... Boy did he bite off a bunch! :)

A realtor that Jeremy knows, told him about this estate sale and that we needed to come see it - a 63 acre farm.  Wow, to this city girl that sounded daunting.  But the property was just gorgeous and the realtor told us that we could "Just let people get married in that old barn"...  What!?!  Who would want to get married in a barn?  But I googled it and found out it's a real big thing right now.  Having no involvement in the wedding industry and having been married over 30 years we had no idea.  But it sounded like something we might could do... A way we could give back to our community and share this beautiful land with others who might fall in love with it too.

We purchased the property and learned that the old barn (116 yrs old at the time) was termite ridden and about to fall in.  Plus there was a kennel right across the street making it too noisy for guests - and too close to the street.  So... we built new, farther back on the property and it was an adventure. :)

Jim and Jeremy both worked full time, but they took on building our beautiful barn nights and weekends.  We were blessed with a lot of great people that helped along the way.  The foundation was poured in Sep 2016 and we had our first event in Mar 2017.  WOW - it amazes me still.  :)


Not bad for never having built anything - what do think?


We like folks to know how we came to be in the business.  We didn't set out to do this.  We fell in love with this land and found a way we can share it with people that fall in love with it too!  We are a family that genuinely cares about you and making your day the best it can be.  

We love meeting people and hearing their stories.  We love giving back to our community and helping others.  We would love to help you with your special day! :)

"Beautiful venue! My son attended a Homecoming Dinner and Dance here last night and I helped serve food and chaperone. It was wonderful! The kitchen was easy to work out of and the hosts were great to work with! A must see if you are planning a wedding or event in Middle Georgia!"

Camille - 2018  

Jeremy, Jim and Anna at the L'Horne sign in front of the old barn
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